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Indication: Stomachache, Indigestion, Gas Trouble, Hiccough, Diarrhoea and Stomach disorders like Vomiting, Heartburn, Acute gastritis, Flatulence etc. and also for worm troubles.

Combination-Nagara, Mariachi, Magadhi, Punamava,Mustha, Haridra,Karanja,Chiruvilwa,
Sadhee,Kalingaka and Rasona.

Dosage-Adults-10to15ml with boiled or cooled water,twice daily.

Children-5 to 10 ml as above, with sugar if necessary, before meals.

Packing-110 ml bottles with cartons.

SWASAMUKTHA (Asthma Remedy)

Combination - Kasamarda, Thekkida, Amrutha Yashtimadhu ,Sakralatha, Pippali, Maricha. etc in Cardamom syrup base.

Indications-Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Asthma. Etc, Antihistaminic, and Mucolytic agent.

Dosage - One to Two teaspoon 2/3 times daily

Packing - 110 ml Bottles.

KASAMUKHTA (Cough Remedy)

Contents - Yasthimadu, Ginger, Pepper, Pippaly, Vasaka, Dasamoola, Somalata etc.

Indications - Allergic Cough, Productive and Dry Cough and as expectorant.

VENI THAILOM (Bathing oil)

Combination-Bringha, Amala, Aksha, Amari, Kumari, Henna, Brahmi, Yashti, Bala, Amrutha, Sathavari and Eladiganam, Kalkam. Alovera

Indications - Oil for hair nutrition, prevents hair loss, dandruff, casual headache etc, and for rich and thick growth of hair, provides cool scalp and sound sleep. Reasonably low priced when copared with other preparations in the market.

Packing - 60, 100, 200 & 450 ml bottles with cartons.


Combination - Aragwadha leaves, Sivatha, Agni , Chiruvilwa, Dry Ginger, prepared in purified castor oil.

Indications - Constipation, Piles and as Purgative.

Dosage - For piles patients , 10 to 15 drops oil in milk or boiled and cooled water at bed time .For constipation upto 30ml before going to bed or early morning as a single dose.Can be used as single medicine in treatment of piles of all stages.

Packing - 60 ml, 100 ml bottles.


Indications- Rheumatic Complaints, Swelling, Arthritis etc.

Contents-Nirgudi, Neem, Dhurdurabala, Nagara etc.


Bathing oil, Anti allergic, those who are worried of allergic asthma , frequent cold and cough. Daily use this oil for before bath, would also protect from all the ailments connected with long infections, frequent headache etc and also good for eyes and ears.

Contents-Krishna Thulasi, Raktha ,Chandanam ,Koovalam ,Parpadi ,Maduka ,Sariba ,Guluchi ,Aswagandha, Ajhada etc.


A very special preparation for women who are suffering from ailments related to menstrual disorders, vaginal running etc.


A general tonic for increasing blood specially for aged and kids.

Contents : Loha Bhasmam, Kanmadom along with 15 other herbal medicines.

MUKHASREE (Fairness Cream)

Contents - Sandal (Red and White), Useera , Iruveli, , Jadamanji, Haridra, Kastoori Manjal ,Sadhee, Muthuchippi , Narumpasa , Pincha & Sringabhasma, Jasmine Flavour.

Indications - For pimples,scars ,stains etc .regains originality from all fadings of skin.

Application - Apply 2-3 hours before bath or at bed time till morning.

Packing - 10 gms when packed in bottles with cartons.


A genuine drug for diabetes, simple to use and achieves results in less than a month’s time

Usage: Mix 1 teaspoon full can be mixed with boiled water and taken twice a day. Considerable decrease in the sugar levels can be observed in 15-20 days time. Once the levels are under control you can reduce the use of allopathic medicines and eventually discontinue the same after consultation with your physician.


A general tonic and post delivery nutrition for women and for general health and vitality. Contains mineral and herbal extacts for geriatic and pediatric treatment for long standing body weakness, under weight, emaciation, ashtenia and chronic anaemia. Increase blood and provides vitamins to restore health.

Composition - Dasamoola,jeevanyaman,Drasha,supyaarnika,
thila and masha, cows ghee ,honey ,several fruits and vegetables added for extra nutrition.


For fertility strength and vitality. A very useful rare combination of renowned herbs, minerals and fruits used for nervous weakness, sexual disability and frigidity. Avery successful remedy for impotence of either sex .provides [dhahus pati], ojus and assits to remove sterility. Helps speed pregnancy .Make considerable increase in the count of sperms in men to help fertility. A superb medicine for general weakness for both men and women of middle ages.

The Medicines-


For developing memory power, Intelligence, Ability for grasping in children. A very effective medicine for students and aged as well. Increases general weight and health.

Contents - Brahmi, Padmakesaram, Sanghupusham, Useera,Vacha , Kushta, Sarasaparilla, Thrikatuku, Sivatha, Nagadhanthi, Aragwadha,Vizhalaripari, Grapes and Honey.

Dosage - One teaspoon full twice daily after food.

Packing - 250 gms, 500 gms in plastic jars.


A traditional medicine for women in post delivery treatment for recouping health and vitality .Increases breast milk and restore stamina and provides ability to engage in routine work .Especially best for curing back and joint pains, restricts all vaginal running.

The medicines-Tender flower of coconut tree,nalpamaram, yasthimadhu,sathvari,Dry Grapes, sahasra vedi, chandanam, Masha, Slajith, Kanaram ,Aswaganda and vidari.
Dosage-One table spoon twice daily after meals

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